I did a thing with Side Hustle

The quest for knowledge is the new oil and since my life took an unexpected turn earlier in the year (I’ll share this story later; it’s a sweeth one 😂)… I decided to “do” a thing.

When I saw the message on a Whatsapp group I belong to, I was attracted by the name – Side Hustle, plus the punchline; get paid for learning. Ha, who doesn’t need cash right and I will learn on top. Sharp sharp, I opened the link and went through the registration process. The beauty, you get to choose the digital skill you desire. What do you think I chose? (Drop it in the comment section)

All I can say is, it’s been a roller coaster; stretching yet impactful. These past weeks have been an experience, I didn’t think I’d be on my toes this much but from understanding what content creation is to building traffic on your website with the right keywords to plagiarism, it has been adventurous. 

Let me tease you with a little achievement list 

  1. I’m back here blogging after a long time (2nd time in a week!!)
  2. I built a content calendar for a month in hours not days or months
  3. I compiled and finished up a short e-book I’ve been hanging around since the beginning of this year (I’m super pumped about this; help me choose a book cover in the comment section- pictures below)
  4. Last but not the list, I’m more confident writing

Who said gaining a digital skill can’t be fun, more so, it’s so much better when you learn from the best aka Side Hustle.

You can join the waitlist for another cohort and choose a digital skill of your choice… it’s a new era, don’t sleep on the moving train 😬

Oh, don’t ignore links in your WhatsApp groups, you never know ❤️


DIY Tips – how to get your ring size

Imagine she says yes!

Imagine everyone is super pumped to take a picture to share on IG (I mean happy memories =  Instagram picture right?) 

Imagine she’s crying already 

Imagine you’re crying already because you’re about to be adorned in something precious 

Then …. It doesn’t suit you like it’s super big or just too tiny…

Embarrassed right? 

Let’s rewind 😊…..

Here are  5 short steps to get your actual ring size 

  1. Get a strip of paper, ruler, and a pen
  2. Wrap the paper around your ring finger (the one before the pinky). Wrap it around but don’t make it too tight, just comfortable
  3. Label where the paper stops when wrapped around your finger
  4. Measure using your ruler to get the size in MM e.g. 54mm
  5. Check for a ring size chart online, trace it, and get your UK size equivalent to the number.

Voila! Now you know your ring size.

Still in doubt? Click here to watch a video

Source: Diamond Rensu on Youtube

A Promise Fulfilled

Walking away from the make believe hospital bed, Joe could still hear her scream and it hurt. Not knowing how best to help, he sat down reminiscing on how they got here …

“What do you mean you’re pregnant? like pregnant with wedding ideas or pregnant with a child? Joe asked with clenched fists”. How do I explain this to the family?, what do I say?, Speak up Mary !!! Explain yourself…

“I’m sorry Joe, but you know I’d never do anything to hurt you or betray your love for me … I don’t even know how to explain but I’d try”. Do you remember the prophecies we read and bonded over during Sunday school class? Remember the one about a virgin being with child and giving birth to a son that would be named Immanuel (God with us)? I had an encounter about this and I’ve been chosen as that virgin. I’m still amazed Joe, still overwhelmed with everything and I need you Joe, I rea-

“Just shut it Mary, you’re saying rubbish”, Joe said as he walked away. All alone, he knew he loved her, that made him think of a better way to “dismiss” her. “I’ll wait till it’s late at night, order for a cab and tell her to leave, at least the shame would be bearable; that’s the best I can do”…

At peace with his decision, he walked back into the house and said no word to Mary. As the sun began to set, Joe fell asleep. “Joe, do not leave Mary, because the child in her womb is of the Holy Spirit, He shall be born and you are to call Him Jesus … Joe jerked and ran straight towards his bookshelf, without fussing around, he pulled out the book of prophecies and read from Prophet Isaiah … “this was what Mary was trying to remind me of … oops thank you God, I almo-

“Joe, Joe… he’s here !!! The screaming had brought him back to reality, oh the joy!

It had been long spoken of and now for unto us a son is born, unto us a son is given; the government shall be upon his shoulder and his name shall be Wonderful, Counsellor, the Mighty God, the Everlasting Father, the Prince of Peace.

Merry Christmas ❤️

A reminder that Christ birth brings hope that God is committed to bringing His word to fruition … if He said, He’s gonna do it … 😊


As the laughter faded, Preye turned towards my direction and said;

“Erin, please go ahead, tell us yo-”

“Erinoluwa ma, please I’d appreciate if my name is called in full”, I added with a smile to avoid sounding rude, thanks to our culture.

“Great! Please tell us your story Erinoluwa and share as much as you are comfortable to disclose”.

“Thank you for this platform Preye, it means a lot”

Nervous and figuring how to begin, I was lost in my thoughts

“Hello everyone, I’m Erinoluwa as you all know …. Scratch that”

Still lost in thoughts I said a short prayer, “Hey Best friend, you said you have given me utterance – all I need to do is open my mouth and you will fill it up… I’m trusting you to do so now, Amen”.

Despite her calm gaze, Preye was getting impatient as she unconsciously kept checking her wristwatch and the light tap of her feet was easily heard.

“Hi Everyone, I’m Erinoluwa and this is my story”.


…. “All I have to do is just slit my wrist and everything would be fine. I’ll feel better because the pretentious smiles would be gone and most importantly, they will all be happy because now there’d be one less mouth to feed”.

“Wait… wait … what if I slit my wrist and I don’t even die… that will be failure in the “suicide” department right… I know… I know… thou shall not kill,” Shaking off my conscience.

“Okay I need another option; something less bloody. I’ll overdose on Ibruofen and sleep. This definitely sounds better and less painful”.

Though questions weren’t asked; Erinoluwa could sense their concerns “why is she trying to kill herself?” “Such a pretty girl, depressed, sad”

The bangs on my room door brought me back to reality. Hurriedly I opened the door and the slap I received killed me, there was no need to slit my wrist or overdose, mummy’s slap could do the job.

The stares were less tense and the room loosened up to smile … a little.

“Useless child, all you do is eat & sleep, she hissed, better come to the sitting room, it’s time for devotion”.

Sniffing, ‘I’ll join you now mummy, let me get dressed”. I heard her “whatever” as she walked away from my room. Sometimes I wondered if she was my mum because I could count how many times she acted “nice” to me.

I don’t know how devotion was at yours but mine was a taste of hell. I felt like a sinner every single day not because I did sin to the best of my knowledge but because mummy’s message was centered around lying, stealing and fornication. Every time she mentioned each, she looked at me sternly and said “Liar, you are going to hell”.

The question you’d probably be asking is – where is her dad in all this?

DEAD! …..

“There was an undertone of sadness in the room” I smiled

Well … dead to me because he left after I made him uncomfortable. I exposed his evil of sleeping with young girls – myself inclusive. The day I saw him forcing himself on my younger sister, I screamed so loud the house shook. That was the second time he was molesting her.

“Now sadness turned to anger, maybe death would have been a better story”

I screamed, he stood up and shook himself from her. Sadly, my mum was behind the door listening but refused to speak. He looked at me angrily and walked out. The next thing I heard was “I’m leaving you and your useless children, you can stay in this place for a while but you’d have to pay rent to me for the coming months because I already paid. Don’t call or text me because you are dead to me” I was not ready for what came next; – “Haaa oko mi, ejo o, how do we eat, how do we survive, ejo. Forgive that useless girl, I’d deal with her”.

“Me useless? How? I just tried to save your child, how????” My dad, looked at her, hissed and walked out. That was how useless child became a permanent name.

Ever since my dad left, my mum blamed me forgetting that I was molested and no one fought for me. In her defense, with dad gone, we would suffer. During devotion she would sternly look at me and say “all liars and fornicators will rot in jail”.

“Eskiss ma, your room is just opposite the devil’s”, I responded in my thoughts

Yet again the room loosened up with a hearty laugh.


12th April, 2017 felt like the perfect day to end it because I had reached my peak.

I was a disappointment at home, failure in school and even my younger one I saved had been brainwashed to think I was the bad one. I left the house that evening with a mission – buy Ibruofen and overdose.

Walking down Oluyemi Street, I faintly heard one of my old time fave song “Jesus, you are my best friend, you will always be, nothing can ever change that”. I have always been a church girl, born into a religious home but never really experienced the power therein. I kept humming the song as I walked down until I realized I was right in front of the Grace City Church as the signboard read.

I laughed “this is how people get lost o” I turned to leave and yet again the music drew me back. It wasn’t a song I knew but the voices were so harmonious. I had to see the people singing, so I entered and stood by the aisle. “Sorry ma, you can’t stand here, please follow me and I’d give you a more comfortable seat” A voice said behind me. “No, I’m fine, I responded, I was just leaving”.

“Really? That’s sad, we have more guest ministers and you look like you’d have a good time if you stay”, she pushed. “Well, I could stay for a few more minutes but I’d prefer a seat at the back so I can leave at any time”.

Few minutes turned to hours as I stayed till the very end. The sermon centered around God’s redeeming love and as usual, there was an altar call; I kept laughing as I walked to the altar because I couldn’t quite explain my actions. Immediately service was over; I ran out, it was 10pm and the pharmacy had closed.

Preye had stopped tapping her feet, her intense gaze fixed on me,

I got home, greeted everyone and for the first time, I felt peace and less upset. The next day’s devotion reminded me of my unfinished business from last night. Chores done, I took a fair share of my daily insults and immediately set out to visit the pharmacy.

While walking down, I heard someone call out for me, I turned and recognized it was the lady who offered me a seat at last night’s program.

“Hiii, you disappeared after the program, she said”

“I had to, it was late”

“I understand, are you going for a walk? Can I join you?”

“Errrrrr…. Okay sure…”

That was probably the best walk I’ve had yet – we spoke about different things; God, friendships and family. Amazingly, she lived next door and we became good friends.

Grace taught me so much from being a church goer to finding out who I am in Christ. There were loads of bible studying and fellowship with my new family. Honestly it wasn’t easy but Grace was relentless.

Things weren’t perfect you know, my mum still called me useless, I still cried after but I knew better. I had put on the new man and my understanding was different. Yes, I looked like me physically but my thinking was transformed.

One day, Grace looked at me and said, you are always laughing, I’ll start calling you Erinoluwa (the Laughter of God); that was it, my name changed.

I ran home, apologized to my mother not because she was right but if we are going to come out of this, we needed to fight this battle the right way. My mother wasn’t my enemy and I was beginning to know that.  Surprised, she looked at me, “after everything, you kneel down and apologise, haaaaa omo mi” she broke down in tears.

Mummy “I’m now Erinoluwa because laughter has come into my life, I have been crucified with Christ, it is no longer I who live, but Christ in me and the life which I now live in the flesh I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave Himself to me.”

“Haaa, Erinoluwa, you are blessed”

I smiled as the room shook with tears, “I’ve been born anew and you can too no matter your trial because guess what, if Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Light, what else could you ever desire?”





……all because i chose not to sleep

You have the permission to pinch anyone that tells you sleep is bad… and if they ask you why? just share this story with them lol… don’t bother talking

So last week, precisely 19th January, 2019… I decided to push myself and I guessed I pushed too far. I had a vigil the night before and after that, I decided to go jewelry hunting (pleasing the client is always and will always be a big deal). I got a free ride halfway into my journey and took public transport to my destination.

For several reasons, lack of sleep inclusive, I couldn’t get any jewelry … but this is not even the fun part lol.

I alighted from the first bus in search of the next, then I heard “Tollgate” …honestly, I remember asking the bus conductor “Sango Tollgate o” … so I’ll assume he didn’t hear. From the get-go, I sensed I was in a wrong bus, but I just couldn’t move my body or mouth… I was too sleepy.

I kept convincing myself that it was probably just a different route… there was no cause for alarm. The funny part, my friend chatted me up on Whats-app and see our conversation below:

Screenshots 1 (2).jpg

Like!!!!!!!!!! I knew I was in a wrong bus!!!! But I just couldn’t be bothered. At some point, every passenger alighted from the bus, I assumed that it was the final bus-stop, so I came down too. However, the bus conductor warmly told me to enter the bus because “we never reach tollgate” and even gave me a more comfortable seat. Of course, I sleepily entered and sat down not even noticing the difference in my environment.

Eventually, we got to “Tollgate” and the driver had to wake me up, in fact, he said, “make I drop you here or for front” and I pointed that he should go further. As I alighted, he said, and I quote “safe journey” lol …. that was my eye opener! I made all the necessary calls to find my way home whilst sharing my fantastic journey. I searched for something (a signpost, street name etc) to show me where I was and I found out I had gotten to Lagos-Ibadan Expressway… long story short, I asked for directions and found my self back home looking battered, hungry and tired……

All I could think of was that…SLEEP IS IMPORTANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!…. lesson well learnt 😊


Have you ever had a bad experience due to lack of sleep? I’d love to hear, please share in the comment section 😊


How far are you willing to go to achieve your deepest desires?

What extent would you reach to ensure you have what you wanted?

What measure would you take to prove your love to another?

Would you kill… or rather watch them hurt because doing otherwise would be the worst decision?

When i met Rotimi, i was glad she finally came; i was scared because i wasn’t sure she was going to stay. We had come a long way and this time i needed her to stay. (PS: this is not a story; it’s a book review lol).


 “STAY WITH ME” was totally an amazing read this month for so many reasons. From the excellent back and forth movement of retelling the current situation and retelling the past, dropping this book down felt like making a terrible decision. With an amazing story writing skill, the writer left me in awe, pain and most of all questioning the lengths i would go in the name of love. The ending wasn’t what i wanted but hey how many times do we get the things we want …. The writer gave me an end she felt i needed. 

The story takes the reader on a journey of friendship, love, family and how the environment in this case the Nigeria post-independence period affects the people. I got to meet Yejide first and then I met Akin in the subsequent chapter; the story tells us of this young couple, their struggles and how sometimes rather than helping, you could be breaking. It shows how the secret we keep become the stories we tell. The writer gave the right amount of Nigerian culture in terms of language and beliefs, sometimes i would laugh out loud after reading a part because it was soooo true !!!!!! “Our typical Nigerian mothers sha”. Yes i cried because i could feel the pain and i was honestly tired. At one point, i dropped my phone (e-book) and spoke out loud “I’m tired, this is not fair”. I could go on and on, but i’d stop here. It was a good read, sure there were flaws (i chose not to see one or maybe i didn’t find any lol), however I’ll still rate this as a good read.

Additionally, the writer taught me a little bit of current affairs; now that’s the perfect definition of INFOTAINMENT.  Now i’m hungry for more Nigerian novels, if you have any suggestions of other Nigerian books i should read, kindly point me in that direction.





Three words, one sentence crushed each girl and made them bitter…. Yes the excruciating pain was also a factor but to align love with such hateful treatment for me was the height. I honestly couldn’t drop my phone all day until i finished the book “Eniola”. I cried but i had to hold tears back from flowing before I’ll be seen as one with a serious issue and needed pity (I was on transit). Next thing you will hear will be “Epele oo, Kilon shele, ma sun Kun o (Yoruba language for sorry, what’s wrong and don’t cry). I laughed and “awwwwwwwed” at the intimate conversations Eniola had with God and prayed to have that level of intimacy. I was hurt for those suffering sexual abuse both male and female and couldn’t imagine the pain people go through. I renewed my covenant to let God write my marital story just like Frances did even though i had done that before because sometimes we say God take the wheel but we still try to hold the accelerator causing more challenges of which i am a victim.

Truth is, the end of July, 2018 was emotionally crazy for me. Yes! I had graduated, Yes! I came tops in my class, Yes! Everyone was jumping and excited. I followed suit in the excitement but i was in a lot of places emotionally and i honestly didn’t thank God as much as i should have. I came out laughing and keeping the perfect smile everyone loved to see but i was unhappy and for lack of a better word, i was in an “emotional rollercoaster”. I travelled for a friends’ wedding and there i got an answer to a prayer i made the week before my arrival at the wedding. Sadly that didn’t take the pain away, rather it became worse. Often times the answer we get from God at the time isn’t really what we want to hear but it doesn’t mean He loves us any less, but at that point that probably was what you needed to begin the healing process. I needed space, i needed time and i needed to be sure God was with me despite how i felt. I had enrolled for a coaching course earlier in July called Immerse based on a friends’ referral #GoodFriendsAreEverything (amazing course by the way!!!…i can give you more details) and i learnt how to be intentional about sharing my feelings. Well, things didn’t get better totally but i began to study God’s word on peace with the help of devotionals because all i needed at that point was the PEACE that only God gives, I needed peace in my mind, in my thoughts and peace that everything will work out just fine.

For a while i felt peace but not totally, however i kept pressing. At some point i just got tired of feeling weird and all, i wasn’t studying God’s word as much also. I stumbled on #WhenFriendsPray on Instagram and noticed Esther Longe would be at the program, awesome i like her, so i decided to go. I got to the venue pretty late because of different forces that almost made me change my mind (story for another day). During the program, it was time to hold hands with someone and activate them spiritually by telling them what God was saying to them through you. I was scared, i felt bad because i wasn’t show i would hear anything for this pretty lady and i felt bad…Humorous God, the speaker began to call the names she heard while praying and she called Esther and also the lady’s name. First thing she said broke me; she said God told me to tell you HE LOVES YOU and two other things. Most times when i feel down now, i remind myself that He loves me. I had honest conversations with God and like a place i liked in this book “Eniola”; i needed God to help His girl’s heart. I also shared my pain with my friends and we all learnt from my mistake and planned to do better. Sharing your pain when led is one of the best ways to feeling better.

The question might be: Are you feeling 100% better, oh no… but God takes you one step at a time. One scripture i fell in love with at the time is that we have a High priest who understands our weaknesses (Hebrews 4:15). It was an assurance that i am not a lost case, He totally gets me! And He gets you too.

This book reminded me of Redeeming love by Francine Rivers and it was just amazing how God sees no brokenness but a child He can’t wait to express His love through… i may not be able to explain totally to you but i pray your eyes are open to His love and through this you experience God as love…. I pray you experience healing just as i am too.

Whatever you might be going through, God loves you and remember there are people who are ready to listen and definitely not judge you. The author of this book is one.


Please download the book on OkadaBooks or click the link to the free download




Straight Outta Covenant University – 2 Years and it’s over


made it

It’s just few hours to my Convocation Ceremony and I am all shades of joy; I had mixed feelings earlier though because of how the week went and allll that happened from market shopping, repeating my clearance because the first one got torn by the rain to not getting the exact dress ordered (my friends said it was still great; be the judge when I post pictures later *grin*) and many other things that have brought me to this day the 20th of July, 2018 where I see the reality of a prayer point I made at Shiloh 2013.

 As i share my journey; i recount the numerous lessons learnt; honestly when you are exactly where God needs you to be; you’ll be alright… it sounds cliché but the truth is ageless and it stands the test of time.

My Masters journey in one word: REAL

Looking back, going back to my alma mater was far from the choice; it was either going to be Europe or Canada depending on which one favored me but sadly while I got an admission to the school in Europe I didn’t get the visa; so my Masters vision abroad was dwindling. Fast forward, my dad pushed me to get the postgraduate form from Covenant University, paid the fee, did the exams and oral interview but my name didn’t appear on the admission list (I was slightly happy) but my dad pushed and we found out I had not sent in my transcript. Long story short; I’m here about to be awarded a graduate degree of Marketing (best in Marketing y’all!!!!!!!!!!) in the next few hours. It’s been two years of growing, learning, changing, achieving little feats and becoming a lady of character.

I’m smiling so hard right now and almost teary eyes because this phase is over and I’m grateful for life most especially, family and without a doubt the right friends I needed to stay right on track and remain teachable; spiritually being a core trait in all of them; these other traits also stand out:

           Omolola *Sister-Siter Lola (y’all will meet her soon, she’s going to be a guest on the blog pretty soon and she is full of wisdom!!!); strong, kind, firm, slightly teachable, and generous; Karina *Riri* (she’ll be sharing some experiences with us soon) the reallyyy cheerful lady, its just sad people don’t see it immediately until they draw a little closer, she is also helpful and honest; Tunmise *Tums* inquisitive, kind, jovial and adventurous; Deborah O & E …SELFLESS

Of course I met a number of people that have changed my life and thinking one way or the other, writing each name will write another book lol, however the above mentioned were like family inside a family and that made all the difference. I love you guys!!!

My big take home lessons will be that whatever journey, project or assignment you embark on or you are planning to embark on, no matter how small;

          Keep at it; don’t give up

          Have the right attitude – a conqueror’s attitude (one who doesn’t run at the face of adversity but faces it and finds a solution). I don’t know what you believe in but personally I believe in God and if you face that obstacle trusting Him; you will definitely see light at the end of the tunnel.

          Build healthy relationships

          Try out new things; best part of my journey was when we represented the school at a competition in London, despite loving my comfort zone I stretched and joggled school work, exams, working on the business idea and presentation scripts for the competition. It was a lot; my roommate almost felt like I wasn’t in the room anymore because she scarcely saw me lol. We didn’t win sadly but the experience can never leave me.

          Leave Comfort Zone into Stretch Street; using the line from my immerse course, push yourself to do more, at that point you discover you even had strength for much more. It was amazing when my friend pointed out one trait she learnt from me “DILIGENCE”, it was a little surprising but it was probably something that happened along the line.

          Love…Love and yes love some more; the good thing of walking in love is that it never ages; I am still a work in progress but let the love in your heart be shared amongst everyone you come across no matter how difficult the person may seem. Love is giving your time, finances, lending a helping hand and many other acts of love you could think of.

          Most importantly please have fun along the line; don’t be a bore like me lol, I tried my best but sometimes I am just your “nerdy / bookworm” girl.

          Above all, have a belief system; like I pointed out earlier, I believe in God and that’s my source of strength and inspiration. Hebrews 12:2 NLT “…we do this by keeping our eyes on Jesus, the champion who initiates and perfects our faith….” Now this doesn’t mean there were no sad days or days were I wished things could be different but then you look at life from a different perspective. Like my coach said; there are two ways to see a cup, you either see it as half full or half empty, when things are not working out well in your journey, then see the cup as half full and be grateful for all the things that even seem imperfect.

It has been one real journey honestly and I am grateful to God and also my amazing Dad and Mom for pushing me thus far; I could go on and on about my two years in Covenant University and even outside but let me not bore you; I’ll be back lol. Although I didn’t get one thing I also wanted, I am stepping into this new phase with a POSSIBILITY mindset and I pray my story inspires and gives whoever that might be struggling in his or her present journey a possibility mindset.

I celebrate you Esther to many and Hadassah to you lol

Shine on baby girl! Your best is yet to come

Congratulations to the Covenant University graduating set of 2018… I love you all !

P: S – I’ll be back with pictures!!!!!! And definitely how the convocation happened… I

promise, it will be told like you attended.

Don’t forget to like, share and mostly interact through the comment section.

made it 2


Many years ago…. love won the battle….


….with tears in his eyes and the most genuine smile anyone could muster…standing on the pieces of the broken glass…he turned and said; “Grace, I love you, always have, always will….so find strength in this…please find strength”, and his voice kept fading into the dark until it could be heard no more….

Grace stood, mouth agape, hair disheveled thinking out loud “how do I find strength in this….why should I”???

Broken and weak she couldn’t stand on her two legs…she fell, and in that split second she takes us back to a small room, covered with purple curtains. The outside light was blocked, leaving the perfect atmosphere for one to think and ponder on one’s day.

As she lay on her single sized bed, Grace thought, “I should have told him where I live ooo…nahhh that would be too desperate….or maybe if I had turned back when we said goodbye the conversation might have been longer….he was fine though….”. Whilst she kept thinking, she decided to search for her phone to call back Abigail when a knock to the door pulled her out of her reverie “who is it?” Grace called out. “Mr Bayo, ma” , “Hian, who is Bayo again, all this people that like to ask questions, biko the weather is too hot” as she sluggishly walked towards the door to open it. Standing in front of her was a young good-looking man holding two packages; a paper bag, and a squared shaped parcel wrapped in gold dusted wrapping paper.  Forgetting that a stranger was standing in front of her, she jokingly thought out loud “Finally oooo My February 14th gift has arrived in April”, hearing a chuckle, Grace realized she had just thought out loud….a little too late. Embarrassingly, Grace asked “where are you from again”…Bayo replied, “I am from Tunse, an on-demand service for household repairs and delivery”. “Ooooh… okay” Grace, signed, thanked him and collected her package……

Weeping and laying on the floor, she kept speaking to herself whilst she stared at him….”No no no no…you shouldn’t have…please hang on just a little…..I can’t understand….just give me a clue on how I should find strength when the one whom I love slowly fades before my eyes….when my heart aches because I just may never see the one I adore ever again…when my breath has become so hot at the thought of the one who gave all for me, who made me a better person is falling to pieces all because of me…..”….she kept crying till all she could do was gasp for air….”


Wondering who could have sent the gift and what could be inside, Grace locked her doors and as she was about to open the bag she noticed a small note was pinned on the side with the name “Emmanuel” written on it….. “Wawu, Baba found me!!!!…..sharp guy” giggled Grace. The note read:

“I know you think it’s too early, so I will not say I love you…not yet…that we met is not a coincidence and that was one of my best moments…So, please meet me tomorrow at 7 pm. Inside the box is a dress I love and selected, you could choose to wear it or wear what suits you. I would be honored to be in your company.

P.S: I know you are wondering how I found your place….let’s just say “where your heart is, lies your treasure” I have found you and I’m not letting go …except you push me away”.

Love, Emmanuel

With a smile on her face, Grace smelt the roses, tore open the wrapping paper to try on the dress “awwww this is so lovely….but I am not going for any date, I should play hard to get for a while”. She picked up her phone to call him and remembered she did not even collect the number.

At 9 pm, the sound of Travis Greene’s ‘Intentional’ is heard and Grace jumps up from the bed to pick up her phone on the table.

“Hi Grace, this is Emmanuel”

“Hey Emmanuel, thank you so much for the gift, it was so beautiful, I really do appreciate”

“You are welcome”

“So about the invite, I will not be able to make it, my hands are full with school work, personal reading and other things that I have not planned for but may come up so maybe some other time”

“Oh………that’s fine, can we reschedule?!

“Hmmmm, okay, Sunday 2 pm should work.”

“Oh super, I can’t wait to see you on Sunday.”

“Goodnight Emmanuel”

“Goodnight Grace, just know I truly care.”

“2 pm ko, 2 pm ni….Oga Emmanuel you still need to work hard” said Grace, as she walked back to her bed to finish the 3rd episode of Empire Season 2.

Sunday Morning…

Cars screeching, generators on, Christian channels playing on the television and radio stations; it is a typical Sunday in Lagos, Nigeria where most homes are preparing for Service or are already out of the house for Sunday Service at Faith Tabernacle.

It is a holy day.

Grace tossed and turned on the bed, pouring out her frustration on the alarm clock on her bedside  table for waking her up. She jumped off the bed, showered and was about to put on her dress when her phone began to beep indicating a message just entered.

“We forget a lot of things, we procrastinate most things, but one thing is sure, I cannot forget what today holds….a date with you!!!!

This is not a poem; it’s really just how I feel. I’m super excited for today and even my Father can testify. See you at 2pm and be blessed at service.”

Love, Emmanuel

“This guy……” that was all Grace could mutter. She dressed up and went to church.


“Hey Emmanuel”

“Grace!!! How was service? “

“Awesome, bless God, I called to inf-“

Emmanuel cut her off “Oh…sorry I am about to leave my place, I just needed to pick up my key…so you were saying?”

“Emmanuel, today won’t be able to work, I have to decline your invite again. I just got a call to be at an event and I need to be there, I am sorry.”

“Oh….can I come with you ?”

“No, no…I would rather go alone, let’s meet some other time”

“Alright Grace, honestly I’m sad but I promise I won’t keep record of any wrongs, so have fun dear and remember Emmanuel sincerely cares.”

“Goodbye dear, Thanks, Emmanuel”

Again an invite was given and again it was turned down but Emmanuel never left, he never wavered…gifts, show of affectation and promises of much more was the order of the day in Grace’s life.

Slowly and surely, Grace started to really like Emmanuel….

That fateful morning, having finally accepted the invite….Grace selected the best dress from her wardrobe. After wearing it, she looked into the mirror and screamed “Grace you are beautiful!!!!!” Laughing so hard, she bit her tongue.

Emmanuel on the other hand, couldn’t stop grinning and thinking “I made it!”

It was a breezy atmosphere; the background music, people chattering and having fun all constituted noise, luckily for them, they had chosen a table secluded to the far right corner so they did not have to scream to hear each other.

They talked and talked and talked….Grace wondered why she had taken so long to accept this date…lost in her thoughts, she thought to her herself “why did I delay my good news like this” and laughed out loud. Emmanuel confused, asked if he had said something wrong.

“Oh I just had the most embarrassing thought, nothing serious”

“Okay that’s fine; I thought for a moment, I said something terrible”

“Thank you Emmanuel for remaining persistent, you have given me a different perception of life, love, friendship and I have never felt happier. I wonder what I ever did to deserve such a person as you”

With that, Emmanuel smiled, looked into her eyes and said….let’s just say …..”I LOVE YOU”

Teary eyed…Grace blinked as she tried to absorb Emmanuel’s words…in that moment…there was an explosion….

Darkness covered the place…and all she felt were two strong hands holding her protectively…she looked and saw it was Emmanuel…..

People were running, tables turned, glasses, plates, flower vases scattered all over the floor, windows shattered….Emmanuel lifted her up onto his back and ran across the broken glasses to find an escape route to save her….and every time he used his body to protect Grace…never letting her go despite the stinging pain from the glasses cutting into his legs…

Grace couldn’t scream, she sobbed as she saw blood gush from sides of his body…she wondered why….he kept moving till he found the door….he put her down assured that she was safe there….

Grace stared at him because she could cry no more….though his voice was gone, he was still breathing and he said it again with all the strength he could muster” find strength in this…this is the greatest way to prove my love for you….to lay down my life in exchange for yours… I know it feels like your world has crumbled and life has no meaning….but you are wrong….if we both die then that would be a disaster….if you die…that would be a universal loss…..Grace, generations will be birthed through you….the world will be better because of you….you are a force to be reckoned with.

“You may not understand this now….but you will….show others this same measure of love…I will always be with you….in your heart…. and with those last words he gave up the ghost”

Bewildered, Grace stared at Emmanuel, and in that instance, she remembered the meaning of his name…’God with us’.

A love like no other…a love true….sacrificial…yet dependable.

Grace stood up and dusted herself. She sensed that life ahead was going to be tough but she had assurance that she would overcome.



PS: expect a sequel pretty soon…

Happy Good Friday Lovers❤️❤️❤️



Proverbs 23:26;

My son give me your heart and observe to my ways


This post is long overdue but as they say; “it’s better late than ever”…

The leading to write on this came after my friend connected a group of people to read a plan on the You version Bible App where you get an opportunity to discuss the subject matter with each other regardless of distance (amazing app…you should check it out). However, before I continue, amongst others, the right friends are at the top of my grateful list. Honestly, God handpicks them for me; the ones that can manage my excesses and love me just the way i am whilst ensuring we all become better versions of ourselves.

Moving on; so this doesn’t become a friendship epistle lol, the first day of the plan had us reading Joshua 24; the verse that sticks with a lot of people is “…as for me and my house we will serve the Lord”, while I saw that,  i resonated with something else. Summarizing the chapter (PS: PLEASE READ THE SCRIPTURE), After Joshua reminded the people of God’s goodness, their immediate response was “we will serve God” o, again he reminded them to choose who they will serve reminding them that their hearts should be inclined to serve the Lord. I thought through the scripture and went about my day.

Within the same period, my friend sent me a book to read as we were about to begin the annual 21days prayer and fasting and one of the things she said was… “Esther, just know that what matters is the heart attitude when you pray and study the word”. All I picked was HEART…again…. That was just the beginning… I stumbled on a message of Pastor Furtick #3HabitsOfAHealthyHeart; to really experience change in our lives, we need to change our….HEART (now its beginning to sound  like a rhythm lol). He went a little deeper when he said it doesn’t just start from the heart but our habits because our habits create the condition of our heart….again and again I kept seeing the word HEART in the scripture or hearing it and I knew God was really trying to teach me something.  I decided it would be my first post in the year 2018 which didn’t turn out that way (Sorry guys!!!).

Think about it; the battles, the thoughts, the offenses we keep, the things we really do not want to share, the girl/guy you have a crush on, the embarrassing things we think about, how we truly feel about ourselves and people….all and more originates from our hearts! No wonder TD Jakes said “the most powerful tool we have in our life is our mind” in agreement with the bible “it is with the mind that we serve the Lord”  You see why the devil fights you in your mind with anger, jealousy, hostility, amongst other vices that you battle with every single day.

On a lighter funnier note, to tell you how powerful our mind is, the bible says just for thinking about it without actually acting upon your thoughts, you have committed adultery…

The punch line is our heart is what matters and until we change our heart by exercising it through the Word of God, other important books, healthy conversations and maintaining a heart attitude with God, we keep failing and feeling dissatisfied with life.

Now this is not coming from a being whose heart is always in check but who is aware of the importance of connecting with my heart in my walk with God which inevitably speaks in other relationships (because really if you’re in a right space with God, every other relationship falls in place… why you may ask…. Well God knows people more than we do so He knows the best response for everyone).

I do hope you picked something from this piece and it ends up being a life changing moment for you!

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